Brain Care

How Does Ageing Affect Brain Health?

We explore how the ageing process affects the brain, memory and cognition. We dive into the cognitive functions that are affecting and the role that lifestyle plays.

How does alcohol affect brain health?

Discover the impact of alcohol on brain health. Explore mindful choices for a sharper mind. Discover the five pillars of brain health for a thriving life.

How can a Biofeedback Clinic Improve Brain Health?

Discover the transformative power of biofeedback clinics for brain health. Enhance neuroplasticity, reduce stress, and boost focus.

What is the Difference Between Brain Health and Mental Health?

Discover real-life metaphors explaining the difference and similarities between brain health and mental health and the impact they have on each other.

Why is brain health research important?

Discover the wonders of brain health research and its impact on cognitive well-being. Unleash the potential of your mind with Five Lives' expert insights .

Why brain health is a public health issue: Concerns and impact

We dive into the importance of brain health within our community as well as society. We look at the role it plays in the public sector and everyday life.

What is the best way to improve brain health? (there are actually 5)

We look at the five science-backed pillars of improving brain health through exercise, sleep, diet, mental stimulation, and mood and social life.

What are the different clinical risk assessments for brain health?

We examine the cognitive, lifestyle and medical assessments that can be used to test brain health and screen for brain disease risk factors.

What to do when dementia runs in your family?

Discover practical steps to take when dementia runs in your family. From understanding the genetic factors to seeking expert guidance.

How to naturally reduce your risk for dementia

Discover natural ways to reduce your risk for dementia. Explore effective strategies for improving brain health through lifestyle changes.

The surprising link between brushing your teeth and dementia

The importance of good oral health extends further than just your mouth. We dive into the wonderful world of gingipains, the oral microbiome and how taking care of your teeth and gums can help protect your brain. 

Inflammaging: the important buzzword you need to know about and how to fight it

Our immune system is more susceptible to chronic inflammation as we age - our Research Scientist's insight into inflammation and dementia.

Taking Control of Your Brain Health: An Introduction to Your Five Lives Journey

Discover the five pillars of brain health and how you can use scientific strategies to make small changes that lead to significant results.

Beyond Genetics: Can Dementia Be Prevented?

Our medical director Dr Ivan Koychev debunks some commonly held myths about dementia and ageing.

Exploring the connection between menopause and the brain

Most are aware of the signs and symptoms of menopause and perimenopause, but do you know how these connect to changes in the brain?

Importance of neuroplasticity and brain reserve

What's the secret to maintaining cognitive function and preventing dementia? Find out how these two concepts are closely related.

Meet Dr Brennan, a dementia specialist and neuroscientist

With her expertise in the brain and ageing, Sabina introduces the brain health journey you can experience with Five Lives.

What dementia is and how to prevent it with Dr Brennan

Dr Sabina Brennan, an expert on all things related to healthy brain ageing, is here to tell you all about dementia.

A neuroscientist's daily checklist for a healthy brain

To help you maintain a healthy brain, our neuroscientists have created a handy checklist.

Learn about cognitive decline and prevention with Dr Koychev

Our Medical Director, Dr Ivan Koychev, discusses cognitive decline and the importance of early detection in this podcast.

The rise of digital therapeutics with Dr Jennifer Barnett

Today, Dr. Jenny Barnett, our CSO at Five Lives, a psychologist and cognitive neuroscientist trained at Oxford, Cambridge, and Harvard will tell us more about digital therapeutics, how they are used and how those technologies might evolve in the future.

How can you know if you are living a healthy lifestyle?

Ageing is inevitable but our quality of life as we get older is something very much within our control. It’s only natural for our bodies to slow down in later years, but the good news is that there are several health and lifestyle factors we can all address to ensure that we’re still able to lead the life we want as we age.

Can we prevent dementia? Prevention & Detection Tips

Dementia is quite a scary condition that affects around 50 million people worldwide, and is projected to increase to 152 million by 2050¹. With an ageing population, case numbers are increasing but it doesn’t mean the onset of dementia is inevitable.

What signs of Alzheimer's disease should you look for?

Some cases of dementia are preventable and improving brain health is something that can start at any age, not only is it important in helping to prevent dementia but also to lead a healthier life.

Top 10 brain health tips you can implement today

Are you taking care of your brain? Discover our easy tips to keep your mind sharp and your brain healthy.

of dementia cases could be prevented or delayed