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the Five Lives Pilot Projects:

Driving ROI for Insurance Companies

Embracing Hippocrates’ timeless wisdom, “Prevention is better than cure”, Five Lives is pioneering a transformative approach to health and wellness. Our innovative pilot projects, delivered through the Five Lives mobile app, are tailored specifically for insurance companies and prioritise the health of policyholders aged 50 and above. Our commitment to proactive health management not only betters the lives of policyholders but also delivers significant Return on Investment (ROI) for insurers. What’s good for the brain is good for people’s health.
Why Partner with Five Lives?
Improved profit through lower claim rates:
  • The 50+ group accounts for high claims due to age-related conditions.
  • Five Lives' healthy habits promotion can better manage risks, leading to lower healthcare costs and increased profits.
Enhanced branding as a health-conscious insurer:
  • Partnering with us positions your company as a champion of healthy ageing.
  • Policyholders will perceive your brand as a pioneer in innovative, preventative healthcare solutions.
Leverage data-driven strategies:
  • Five Lives' app data provides insights into user behaviours and preferences.
  • Your company can develop more personalised product and marketing strategies, saving costs through targeted campaigns.
Boost customer satisfaction and retention:
  • The Five Lives app adds significant value beyond basic coverage, offering  personalised health coaching and wellbeing resources.
  • Policyholders can actively engage with their health, improving satisfaction and strengthening customer relationships to increase retention.
How Do Our Pilot Projects Work?
This project aims to establish Five Lives as a cost-effective prevention solution by focusing on  behaviour modification to reduce levels of chronic disease. Digital preventions are often offered to companies, but their impact is unknown. We operate under the well-founded assumption that even modest improvements in lifestyle can significantly reduce healthcare costs for insurers. This approach is grounded in the successful outcomes of landmark studies on lifestyle-based dementia prevention. 
Customised implementation:

We meticulously tailor our pilots to align with insurer goals, audiences and desired outcomes. Our team of experts ensure seamless integration and measurable impact.

Data-driven insights:

We collect, analyse and report data on user engagement, well-being, and ROI before and after to inform decisions and continuous optimisation.

Success metrics of the program (KPIs):
  • Lifestyle behaviour change
  • Chronic disease risk reduction objectively measured through blood testing
  • ROI enhancement for insurers, evidenced by a decrease in long-term healthcare costs via a reduction in claim rates
Collaboration and support:

Our ethos is grounded in true partnership. We provide consistent, ongoing support and guidance to ensure pilot success and drive transformation.

Let’s start
Partnering with Five Lives to launch a pilot project is a unique opportunity to enhance your insurance service, boost your ROI, and prioritise customer health and wellness.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our innovative pilot projects and how Five Lives can empower your company to thrive in the ever-evolving insurance landscape.