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A unique mobile application to assess your risk of developing dementia

Built by NHS doctors

Our risk assessment is based on science

Take the test and know where you stand!

  • Simply answer questions about you, your health and your lifestyle.
  • Complete the assessment in two weeks.
  • Do it at your own speed and wherever you feel comfortable.
  • Complete five cognitive tests to get a more detailed assessment of your brain performance
  • Our risk assessment is a CE-marked medical device

Five reasons for Five Lives

(But there are way more)
Five reasons to use Five Lives app
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Improve your lifestyle with your digital coach

  • Information based upon your personal results.
  • Lifestyle interventions backed by science.
  • Simple and easy-to-follow instructions
  • Get notified about the most recent content
  • Track your progress with the help of a lifestyle log and monitor changes to your brain health over time.

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Jan 22, 2024
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How Does Ageing Affect Brain Health?
We explore how the ageing process affects the brain, memory and cognition. We dive into the cognitive functions that are affecting and the role that lifestyle plays.
Jan 25, 2024
Generic Brain Health
How does alcohol affect brain health?
Discover the impact of alcohol on brain health. Explore mindful choices for a sharper mind. Discover the five pillars of brain health for a thriving life.

Love is in the air app

Only just signed up but learnt a lot about myself already.
Excellent app. Just completing the initial tests has shown me a lot I didn’t know about myself and my mental strengths and weaknesses. Really enjoying using it

user review five lives app



A great app to keep track of mental acuity and lifestyle choices.
I am enjoying the challenges & trying to improve on them.

user review five lives app



Great brain test.
I enjoyed taking the test and understanding how I can improve my lifestyle

Woman review five lives app

Staly girl


Thumbs up!
Super clear, informative and easy to use

review five lives app dementia prevention



Amazing User Interface!
Nice app, very easy to to use and provides great actionable suggestions.
For anyone who cares about their and their loved one’s wellbeing, this is all is easy to use and very convenient for all ages.

review five lives app dementia prevention



Great app!
Intuitive and super informative. I go every day to learn about dementia and how to stay healthy

woman prevent dementia



Lots of Information
If you take the time to read through the manual in settings and back this up by reading the articles, you gain a lot of information on this subject. I like the assessments, which can be challenging, but offer you information on your brain ability.

woman prevent dementia



Thumbs up!
Super clear, informative and easy to use

review five lives app dementia prevention



The Five Lives app is extremely useful for anyone concerned about their cognitive ability as they age.
It has very useful articles, and cognitive tests to find out personal risks of developing dementia, and the understanding of how to reduce these risks

review five lives app dementia prevention



Add Life to Years

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