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What dementia is and how to prevent it with Dr Brennan

Dr Sabina Brennan, an expert on all things related to healthy brain ageing, is here to tell you all about dementia.

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The surprising link between brushing your teeth and dementia

Unveiling the Hidden Link: Your Teeth, Your Brain, and Dementia. Dive into the intriguing connection between oral health and cognitive decline. Find out how caring for your smile can safeguard your brain's vitality and unlock a healthier future.

Inflammaging: the important buzzword you need to know about and how to fight it

Our immune system is more susceptible to chronic inflammation as we age - our Research Scientist's insight into inflammation and dementia.

Taking Control of Your Brain Health: An Introduction to Your Five Lives Journey

Discover the five pillars of brain health and how you can use scientific strategies to make small changes that lead to significant results.

40% of dementia cases could be
prevented or delayed.

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