Kyle van Heerden

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As our science editor, Kyle contributes incredibly insightful scientific and inspiring content to our website and app. As an online educator and researcher, Kyle is passionate about combining storytelling, clinical evidence, and physiotherapy & physical therapy practices into something practical, helpful, and engaging for physiotherapists & physical therapists.

How Does Ageing Affect Brain Health?

We explore how the ageing process affects the brain, memory and cognition. We dive into the cognitive functions that are affecting and the role that lifestyle plays.

How does alcohol affect brain health?

Discover the impact of alcohol on brain health. Explore mindful choices for a sharper mind. Discover the five pillars of brain health for a thriving life.

How can a Biofeedback Clinic Improve Brain Health?

Discover the transformative power of biofeedback clinics for brain health. Enhance neuroplasticity, reduce stress, and boost focus.

What is the Difference Between Brain Health and Mental Health?

Discover real-life metaphors explaining the difference and similarities between brain health and mental health and the impact they have on each other.

What is the Connection Between Brain Health and Memory?

Unlock the secrets of memory and brain health! Discover the five pillars that nurture cognitive prowess and embrace a holistic approach to brain well-being.

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