Dr Jennifer Barnett

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Dr Jennifer Barnett trained in psychology, psychiatric epidemiology and genetics at Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard, before finding her niche in the digital health industry. She has been responsible for the development of approved medical devices for use in mainstream healthcare, novel brain assessments using smartphones, wearables, and home assistants, and the development of new drugs for psychiatric and neurological conditions. Jenny retains academic links in Cambridge and Finland, and has co-authored more than seventy academic papers and two pop science books.

At Five Lives, Jenny is responsible for ensuring that our products are developed to the highest scientific standards and in the light of the latest and best research.

The rise of digital therapeutics with Dr Jennifer Barnett

Today, Dr. Jenny Barnett, our CSO at Five Lives, a psychologist and cognitive neuroscientist trained at Oxford, Cambridge, and Harvard will tell us more about digital therapeutics, how they are used and how those technologies might evolve in the future.

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